Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top 10's For 2007: Ray & Readers Weigh In!

Well, I’ve sat around for too many long nights now, racking my brain and finally thought to myself: It’s simple, Ray. Just pull out the CD’s that came out this year that you’d put in your road case if you were going on a trip. Easy, right? Yup. Here they are. Sure, there was plenty of good stuff but to me, this was the cream. And, below that, we find you, the readers’ selections and, some damn fine ones as well! Just goes to show the really nice variety of stuff we talk about on here and it points out the wonderful world of music we explore each year and every day. Thanks to everyone for, once again, the largest turn-out I’ve seen around these parts and here’s hoping for a killer 2008. We’ve already seen some killer releases and I expect a bunch more. Be here to share ‘em with me!

RAY’S TOP 11 ALBUMS FOR 2007 (11? Yes...because I can)

1. AGAINST NATURE – “The Anxiety Of Influence”
2. HIGHBINDER – “Moreneverthanever”
3. CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT – “The Return Of Rock & Roll”
4. MAWWAL – “Black Flies”
5. HAUNTED GEORGE – “Pile O’ Meat”
6. KEVIN K – “Hollywood”
7. IRON RIDGE – “Heaven Light Shining”
8. YOKESHIRE – “The Witching Hour”
9. GLYDER – “Playground For Life”
10. BLACK GASOLINE – “She Gave Us Magic”
11. FEDERALE - "Federale"


1. WITCHCRAFT – “The Alchemist”
2. THE HIDDEN HAND – “The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote”
3. HIGH ON FIRE – “Death Is This Communion”
4. SLOUGH FEG – “Hardworlder”
5. CLUTCH – “From Beale Street To Oblivion”
6. BIG BUSINESS – “Here Come The Waterworks”
7. BLUE CHEER – “What Doesn’t Kill You…”
8. MOUNTAIN – “Masters Of War”
9. MUNICIPAL WASTE – “The Art Of Partying”
10. PRIDE TIGER – “The Lucky Ones”


Michael said...

I love it that a full half of your top 10 picks are available from CDBaby - all proceeds going straight to the artists themselves!

Heavypsychman said...

Nice to see at least Cheer & Mountain are there.

These stoner things are not worth the plastic they are printed on.

Well if they make people happy n let live.

Rock On Ray!


raysrealm said...

Michael...Yeah, I try to support the real underground. There's some things big that are good, of course, but I try as much as I can to help out the everyday "Joes" who are dishing out killer music.

Mik...I hear ya. Older bands rule, for sure. There are some great new bands out there, though, that, if you wade through, it's worth the effort to find 'em

Mark said...

Great list Ray. This was a great year for music indeed. I was surprised to see SIGH's "Hangman's Hymn" wasn't on your list - figured you'd blow a gasket over that one!

btw there's a new LOUDNESS album out ;)

Sir Lord Doom said...

Freakin' cool reviews, bro...Federale are well worth investing time into them to get them over here somehow. I already contacted them, cool, no, very cool guys.