Friday, April 25, 2008

A Reason To Celebrate

Just when I thought the days of a really & truly cool record store in the Baltimore area were well in the past, I've been turned on to CELEBRATED SUMMER RECORDS in Towson MD. (Thanx, Peacedogman!). CSR owner Tony Pence has a real winner on his hands here with his killer store, located in the back of Legends Comics at 503 York Road. Featuring a great selection of punk, hardcore, thrash, etc., this is exactly what I always looked for back in the glorious '80's and it's going on right now. Tony is an awesome dude who's infectuous and genuine enthusiasm will turn you onto ripping stuff, as he just did today for me with Japanese monsters SYSTEMATIC DEATH. Not only is this little goldmine loaded with a rich vein of CD's, there is also an absolute ton of massive vinyl to check out. In a world where I'd thought Record & Tape Traders and Sound Garden were the last word, CELEBRATED SUMMER RECORDS is a whole new universe. Check out more details including hours, etc. at:

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