Friday, March 6, 2009

Well folks, the RAYSREALM 2008 Top 10 CD-r's have gone out in the mail to all of you who submitted a Top 10 of your own! On the CD-r's are one song each from each of my own personal Top 10 of the Year. This is just my little way of thanking all of you who took the time to send in a Top 10 for the Reader's Poll and to try to get the word out about some bands who I think should get more attention. Below is the track listing for what you'll find on your CD-r's. The first track is from my #10 album of the year, the 2nd track is from #9 and so on....enjoy.

CYNIC (UK) - "Suburban Crisis" from "Suburban Crisis"

TIFFANY APAN - "Warrior (Soldier For Myself)" from "Poet"

BLACK 47 - "The Last One To Die" from "Iraq"

AGAINST NATURE - "Lemongrass" from "Natural Blue"

U.S. CHRISTMAS - "Black Lung" from "Eat TheLow Dogs"

VALKYRIE - "Dawntide's Breeze" from "Man Of Two Visions"

COLOSSUS - "Ghost Fucker" from "...And The Rift Of The Pan-Dimensional Undergods"

SANTERIA - "Haunted Heart" from "Year Of The Knife"

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - "Hijack The Night" from "Freedom Metal"

IMPERIAL BATTLESNAKE - "Aztec Astronaut" from "Sentinels Of The Hardland"


J.B. said...

Thanks, Ray. Got mine yesterday!

raysrealm said...

Hope ya'll dig. Of course, everybody may not like every band, but I love doing this because if at least one person checks out one of these bands who otherwise wouldn't have, it helps everybody.