Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Mother Sucks Roosters In Hell!

BLACK COCK – “Robot Child With A God Complex” CD ’09 (Australian Cattle God, US) – I’ll start by, once again, thanking the good folks (Mark & crew) over at for turning me on to this one via their recent “10 Most Dangerous Bands” article. Stop over there if you get a chance, you won’t be sorry. You also probably won’t be sorry if you nab this tan little sucker out of the bin of your local recorded music emporium. Hell, I found a used copy, which makes this an even better bargain as “Robot Child…” is one helluva interesting piece of spinning plastic. See, I see the words “BLACK COCK” and the first thing I’m thinking is some basement bunch of teenage angst-ridden, snot-dripping punks. Not that this would be a bad thing, you see. Angst-ridden, snot-dripping teenage punks have often issued recorded works of epic proportion. And yet, this BLACK COCK is crowing an altogether different tune. Slide it in and the hammering drums and thudding bass immediately give off a real Jesus Lizard vibe. Then come the frantic female vocals, ragged guitar riffs and keyboard figures and all bets are off. You truthfully don’t know what the hell you’re in for! What comes next is the crawling, harrowing darkness of “Harvey’s Machine.” Left turns keep swinging your way with the B-52’s-in-a-padded-cell bounce of “SkullCop,” only to be followed by “Starfleet Destroyer,” another haunting, inching climb through dense & disturbed dreams, the guitar figures just being brilliant here. Highlights continue, far and wide, from the grinding motor of “Crickets” to the funk-laden “Flatline” & “Octagon’s" shimmering keys. All through this brilliantly original album, a couple things continue to impress consistently. First, the vocals of Whitney Lee are just great. While she has a definitely feminine voice, it’s also one that is certainly anything but cutesy. She has a power and verve that range from frenzied to ominous to simply passionate. Couple this with the keyboard & guitar inventiveness supplied by Chico Jones, as well as Jordan Lee’s keys and Ben Kent’s pounding, nearly tribal drums and you’ve got a very special band. It’s a unit that constantly creates a super-organic feeling that ranges from threatening to just this side of insanity and keeps the listener on the edge of his/her seat while grooving like a mo-fo from beginning to end. In all honesty, I’d say buy this album or suck my…well, no need to bathe the entire review in humor. BLACK COCK is no joke! Big 10 Inch


The RIpple Effect said...

Ray, I love it when you come up with ratings at the end that aren't the standard 1-10. Very creative

raysrealm said...

I've just gotta do that at times. I hate too much structure. Reminds me of work too much. :-)