Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is Your Mama A Llama?

DALI’S LLAMA – “Raw Is Real” CD ’09 (Dali’s Llama, US) – California’s DALI’S LLAMA released “Raw Is Real” late in 2009 and it is their eighth album. How do you like them apples?! 8 albums! Here is a band that, I’m willing to bet, a lot of readers have never heard and they have put out 8 damn records on their own label! That’s the kind of thing my mom has always called stick-to-itiveness. Of course, I hear you saying, “Hey, aren’t those guys stoner rock, Ray? So they put out 8 discs of “In Search Of…” / “Sky Valley” clones, am I supposed to be impressed?” Yes, smart-ass, you’re supposed to stick this little round thang in your player and be pretty friggin’ impressed. I know I was. Now I’ve gotta admit, I was expecting a little something because I dug the band’s last effort, ‘08’s “Full On Dunes.” But dang, this one’s even better…and by a good margin, actually. On the surface, there’s enough overdriven Laney-tone here from Zach Huskey and Joe Dillon to keep the local acoustic earplug factory in the black for awhile. But that’s where the days of stoner blasé end and the fun get’s going. DALI’S LLAMA (completed by Erica Huskey – standard & bowed electric bass & Jeff Howe – drums) raise the bar by writing songs that go well beyond the norm. “Theocracy” may be powered by thundering chords and Zach’s mid-range drawl, but it’s also buoyed by some layered guitar stylings that dwell in late ‘60’s psych land. “Grump” packs an energy wallop that nods toward D.C. hardcore and the deliberate pace and airy melodies of “Always” speak of an sort of Southern indie rock that goes down smooth as silk. The ‘70’s hard rawkin’ “Blackout” and “Fluids,” with it’s “Arc”-like Neil Young feedback complete what is not only a very ambitious but cohesive album. It’s, without question, DALI LLAMA’s best and one you should check out before they release another 8!
Real Damn Good

NOTE: DALI’S LLAMA also seem to put some real thought into their lyrics, addressing issues that are topically political and quite perceptive.


Chris said...

I need to check this out once I get the time. Definitely enjoyed "Full on Dunes".

raysrealm said...

Yeah, this is good stuff. These guys have been flying under the radar for quite awhile and need to get some more exposure.