Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RAYSREALM Readers' Poll For 2009 Revealed!

1. ASTRA – “The Weirding” – This year, you guys dipped into the NWOPR (New Wave Of Prog Rock?) to select the debut from California band ASTRA as 2009’s top pick. What we have here are a bunch of young guys who are not afraid to take the word “Prog” to it’s extremes: long and involved song structures plus extended soloing and organic interwoven musicianship. It’s all fused together by a warm, analog-style production that brings about visions of 1971 without sounding dated, dusty or irrelevant. While a million guys take the Drek Theater route to Chop City, ASTRA prove there’s more to being progressive than winning the notes-per-second sweepstakes. Surprisingly heavy guitars are the icing on the cake of a release that surely hit my Top 20. Nice choice, people!

2. SIENA ROOT – “Different Realities”

3. COUNT RAVEN – “Mammon’s War”

4. ELECTRIC MARY – “Down To The Bone”

5. GOV’T MULE – “By A Thread”

6. BLACK BONZO – “Guillotine Drama”

7. ANVIL CHORUS – “The Killing Sun”

8. ARGUS – “Argus”

9. SLOUGH FEG – “Ape Uprising”

10. LITMUS – “Aurora”

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