Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This LLAMA Is Spittin' Fire

DALI'S LLAMA - "Howl Do You Do?" CD '10 (Private, US) - Well, the Realm may be strugglin' to life again here and there, but in doing so it's a lean, mean killing machine. So, besides just having nicked the title of one of Judas Priest's heaviest platters, I'm going to get right to the fuggin' point here! Over recent (hell, even way before recent!) times, the stoner genre has started to fold in on itself and become not only repetitive and derivative (a nod to Rick & Roll, who loves that "derivative" word!) but also just plain shitty. One band whom you can't lay that mantle on is DALI'S LLAMA and their latest, the cleverly monikered "Howl Do You Do?" really bears that out. Simply put, this crew takes that tried-&-true overdriven and distorted stoner vibe and draped over it some super-catchy old time rock & roll melodies that really grab me by the nads. Sheezus, it's almost as if Eddie Glass & Chuck Berry sat down and compared geetar playin' all across this shiny recordable medium and I'm a happier man for it. Only one question, friends...Howl Do I Get This Outta My CD Player?

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