Friday, November 12, 2010

Bring Me The Head Of Reality!

LA OTRACINA – “Reality Has Got To Die” CD ’10 (Holy Mountain, US) – THIS CD UTTERLY DESTROYS!!! We’re talkin’ scorched earth destroys here! A very heavy blend of prog / psych / space / doom-ish metal with a garage feel to it, if that sounds believable. This is definitely one of the most uniquely heavy things I’ve heard in a damn while, Resistor notwithstanding. LA OTRACINA has a sort of Fu Manchu / Hawkwind / Hendrixy (the spacey side of Jimi) thing to ‘em in spots, with lots of excruciatingly heavy fuzz guitar, droning bass, relentless percussion, reverb, echo and presumably a large quantity of uncontrolled substances! “Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird” sounds like “2001: A Space Odyssey” on acid. The near-20-minute title track, “Reality Has Got To Die” has a middle section that’s reminiscent of “Third Stone From The Sun” on (more!) acid and lastly, “Mass Meteroic Mind” has a very original sound that’s hard (for me, anyway) to describe but if I had to try…a strange, spacey Mahogany Rush or a weirder Wolfmother…maybe and again, on acid! I’ve gotta hear more of their stuff! Tell me if the drummer doesn’t remind you of Mitch Mitchell? In my opinion, this is the album that should have been entitled “Heavy Metal Hippies.” Sorry Akira! Andre Wilson

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