Saturday, January 15, 2011


ANGRA – “Aqua” CD ’10 (SPV, Brazil)- I remember ordering ANGRA’s first CD “Angels Cry” from an importer back in 1993. Having been intrigued by the early progressive metal “scene, I was impressed by this Brazilian unit’s insight even in the infancy of their career. As if they could foresee the sleep-inducing clone wars that would grip this bloating genre, led over the cliff by lemming pipers Dream Theater, ANGRA zigged when they zagged. Sure, there were stratospheric vocals and dual shred axe, not to mention a drummer who could’ve been Buddy Rich’s alien nephew on a heavy dose of Stanozolol. What stood out, however, were Andre’ Matos’ ability to actually sing and the surprisingly melodic runs authored by guitarists Rafael Bittencourt & Kiko Loureiro. Not content to rest on their laurels, the band then went on to produce an increasingly impressive line-up of albums, unfazed in the least by line-up changes that included Matos’ departure in 2000. In fact, the latter’s replacement, Edu Falaschi has proven to have an even more dynamic voice and has imprinted his pipes on 4 massive records, culminating (so far) in this year’s “Aqua.” But Falaschi’s sterling vocal delivery is only the beginning to why ANGRA stands head and shoulders above the rest of the “we’ve-got-long-haired-maestros-and-dragons-on-our-album-covers” crowd. I know it sounds like a broken record, but there’s nothing that can top good songs and that’s the most powerful weapon in this band’s arsenal. Check out “The Rage Of The Waters,” “Hollow” and “Spirit Of The Air.” Not only do these guys come up with some mega-catchy melodies but they also stamp a firmly original foot by including some tribal-like percussion and overtones of Brazilian folk. I also see “Aqua” as a sort of third in a trilogy (along with “Temple Of Shadows” ’04 and “Aurora Consurgens” ’06) in which Bittencourt and Loureiro have upped the ante in terms of guitar heaviness & distortion, putting themselves well ahead of the dearth of light-weight prog metal pansies. All in all, ANGRA is the king of this kinda music and all their CD’s deserve your cash. Scream For Me, Brazil Ray Dorsey


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