Sunday, February 13, 2011

Readers Poll Results For 2010 Revealed!

1. STONE AXE - "II" - STONE AXE is one of many proud moments in the early life of Ripple Music and not for any small reasons. You listen to these guys and your mind starts throwing names around like early Zep, the mighty Koss's Free and even things further into prog like Procol Harum and your talking serious stuff. Then, when names like Thin Lizzy get rising, you've got the cherry on top. This year, you guys elevated the band's "II" to the top spot in the Raysrealm Reader's Poll and I've gotta say, nicely done!

2. HYPNOS 69 - "Legacy"

3. MOTORPSYCHO - "Heavy Metal Fruit"

4. GHOST - "Opus Eponymous"

5. BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION - "Black Country Communion"

6. SANCTA SANCTORUM - "The Shining Darkness"


8. FORBIDDEN - "Omega Wave"

9. NEVERMORE - "The Obsidian Conspiracy"

10. ARMORED SAINT - "La Raza"


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