Friday, February 27, 2009


BOULDER – “Reaped In Half” CD ’02 (Tee Pee, US) – There are a couple things you have to realize right at the outset when considering Ohio’s BOULDER: 1. One of their previous releases (yes, a viny rekid!) was entitled “Ripping Christ” and featured a cover photo of Jesus crucified upside down on a mountain of Marshalls. 2. They had a song entitled “DLR (that’s David Lee Roth to you, honcho) Is King.” 3. They have two guitarists who play Flying V’s. Now that we have that background firmly entrenched in your subconscious, let’s move on to “Reaped In Half.” Even though this sumnabitchinbastard is on CD, it’s divided into two “sides,” “Act I” and “Act II.” Are you with me, people? So far, this crew can do no wrong. Now the proof is in the pudding and brutha, throw on the first cut “Krank It Up” and you can feel the fire upon your face! Ok, ok, yeah there’s definitely some true “Stained/Hell Bent”-era Priest glorification going on here, and I’m happy as a damn clam with that. After all, Jamie Walters’ (he of Abdullah, Destructor, etc) vox are a helluva lot rougher than Mr. Halford’s, so we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no clone here. But dang, wrap those heavy metal ears of your’s around nasties like “Ripped In Half,” the lecherous “Arrest Me” or “Yellow Fever” and it’s just like Mickey D’s, man, you’re gonna be lovin’ it! There are as many dual pointy guitar axe assaults in these tracks as anything Glenn & KK unleashed on any tune from “Heroes End” to “Burnin’ Up.” Complicated? Nope. Classically-inspired? Not a chance. Ass-kicking to the max? Oh, yeah. Play this one in your car only if you have a perfectly spotless driving record and can afford a ticket. Here’s hoping BOULDER come tumbling down from Mt. Ohio again, as this is one rock that’ll roll you over. 9.5
NOTE: You should be well advised to check out any of BOULDER’s recorded product (at least 7 or 8 records)

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