Sunday, February 15, 2009

Having A Fitt

THE FITT – “Hawk Eyes” 7” EP ’08 (Big Neck, US) – You come to me, head in hands, heavy in heart. Your eyes are sunken in and your spirit is broken. The problem is one that I’ve heard before in recent years and yet, it always makes me feel a bit sad & crestfallen. Still, after a moment of pensive thought, I have an antidote. “Ray,” you tell me, hands shaking noticeably, like a smoker trying to quite cold turkey, “I just can’t find any records anymore. I mean, shit, bro, I can barely find any CD’s. I try standing on the corner, ya know, asking people…all I can find is teenagers offering me downloads. I’m a fucking wreck.” I pause a moment, then lean forward studying your eyes, the desperation of a lost, hollow soul peering at me nearly devoid of emotion. “How would you like,” I say in a calm, even voice, “To find a record…a new record…that actually completely kicks ass?” I watch as the gloom & horror in your gaze allows a glint of hope to briefly flash through before it turns to disbelief. “Vi…nyl?” you stammer, “Vinyl?! Please don’t make fun of me!” “I’m not, I’m not my friend,” I say, kindly laying a hand upon your trembling one. “Here, I say, take this. Log on. Go.” With that I place a small piece of paper between your frail digits and turn to walk away. On it are the words:

You see, THE FITT are a 3-piece band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a Ravens fan, that troubled me at first and yet upon finding this sweet slice of vinyl in my mailbox, I’m willing to overlook geographical locations. Simply put, THE FITT’s “Hawk Eyes” EP renews hope for me as someone who collected vinyl for years. The reason? I can’t tell you when I’ve heard a more blistering 9 minutes of music on a black, circular 7” piece of plastic since the first time I spun my Discharge singles or Raw Power’s “Wop Hour.” THE FITT don’t waste any time, honcho. You say “9 minutes?” I say “A completely lethal dose!” Opening up the jets with “The Title Cut,” then ripping through “Scholar” & “Visions,” Side One is complete and you are laying against the far wall of your listening emporium, sharp metal fragments embedded in your face & torso and your sad ass starting a fatal bleed-out. This is crushing metallic hardcore that combines the thundering pillage of Motorhead, the oft-harrowing pace of Death Side & the magnificent, out-of-control feel of a night at Baltimore’s Loft in 1986. On to Side Two, the glorious assault continues with the instrumental “M-80” and more viral hell with mega-angry vox in “Gonna Get It Now.” THE FITT then really put the cherry on top this spot-on slice of vinyl (I love to keep saying that word) with the closer, “Killer.” Taking a wild left-turn from the previous 5 trax, Pat (guitar/vox), Davey (bass) & Arron (drums) serve up a thudding rhythmical slice of wonder that takes me by surprise every time. Sounding like the bastard-child of Gang Of Four, Devo & something off Jay Reatard’s “Blood Visions,” this one alone raises “Hawk Eyes” from the level of musical methadone to the real damn deal. Now take this…get out of here. And forget you ever heard my name. 9.0

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