Thursday, July 2, 2009

CD Sale At The Realm!

Hey all! I wanted to give you all a chance to partake in some recent housecleaning I'm doing here at the 'Realm. Sometimes when I sit down and go through the Empori-Realm, I find that I have a lot of stuff that falls into a few categories: 1) Really good things that I end up with multiple copies of . 2) Things that just don't float my boat but might float your's. 3) Things that I think flat-out suck but that you may not. With this in mind and to keep myself from drowning in circular pieces of audio plastic while waiting for the next massive onslaught of recorded wonder to come piling into these quarters, I've made a decision. That is to prepare a list of goodies I'm willing to part with and offer them to you, the good reader, for a paltry price. Therefore, if you'd like to see my list of wares, simply drop me an email at: and I'll shoot you off the list. Don't be shy.

Again, that's:

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