Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand Halls 28

TOTTY – “Totty” (Our First, 1976) – Whoa! I’m sitting here, finishing up a sandwich and a bottle of spring water and trying to figure out my work schedule for this Thursday afternoon when my eyes fall upon the first TOTTY LP on my shelf. You have to understand one thing: A couple years ago I sold nearly all my vinyl. You know, needed to make room, have it all on disc anyway and yet…there were about 40 records I could not bear to part with this was one of them and the tragedy is, I have not posted anything about it on this version of The Realm. TOTTY is massive ‘70’s hard rock that sounds like a combination of Nitzinger, Grand Funk and Winterhawk! Seriously wailing power-trio guitar jamming here that will knock your socks into next week, this one stands head and shoulders with all the big names, then flattens ‘em. Yeah, man, you’ll see carrion off to the side of the road with names like Cain, Ram Jam, Cactus and the like, crows picking at their carcasses as these guys stand astride ‘em with Gibsons & Marshalls held high. Cuts like “T-Town Teasers” and “Wicked Truth” are ultra-catchy kickers, but stuff like “Crack In The Cosmic Egg” and the godly 8 ½ minute “Somebody Help Me” simply defy description as guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire Dennis Totty takes us on a scenic tour through lead guitar heaven. If I did my all-time Top Ten right now, this would be right there. Plus, how many LP’s have one song called “Love Down By One Share (Love Song To A Whore)” and another one called “Take Me Away Jesus?”!!!!! It’s a fact that some Midwest rock stations would not play this record because they said it was too religious and that some religious stations wouldn’t play it because they said it was too satanic! How wild is that. This is an expensive one to try to find (beware of bootlegs, “real” is the only way to go) but get up, go to work and dig one up. Hey, lunch is over, let's go!!! One Hot TOTTY

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Michael said...

Any record that's compared favorably to Nitzinger has just gotta be AOK. I'm sold.

raysrealm said...

Great stuff...the 2nd one, TOTTY "Too" wasn't as rawkin', but this one is top-shelf.