Friday, October 16, 2009

Grand Halls 34

GOLPE DE ESTADO – “10 Anos Ao Vivo” CD ’97 (Paradoxx, Brazil) – To be honest, of all the records/CD’s I received over the year of 1997, I looked forward to this one with the most interest. Having been introduced to Brazilian band GOLPE DE ESTADO and their 5 (up till then) studio LP’s by good buddy Luc Torfs, I yearned for the alleged live album. I say “alleged” as I had heard rumors of it from differing places for at least a year before, never getting any leads. Finally, I found someone who knew somebody who had a friend of a friend who knew of it and had this thing in my hands in a few short weeks. Was it worth the wait and $? Oh yeah! GOLPE DE ESTADO is steeped in the ‘70’s hard rock tradition of luminaries like Y&T, UFO, old Bow Wow and maybe a little early NWOBHM. Nothing they do is tremendously complex, their albums are full of direct, point-blank and catchy hard rock…in other words, the nectar of the gods…my gods, anyway! On this live collection, every GOLPE album of the 5 that proceeded it is represented nicely as guitar master Helcio Aguirra uncorks one infectious riff after another and peels off melodic-yet-paint-stripping leads. Rogerio Fernandez’s vocals are not anything in the least operatic, but they are totally cool for just that reason. This guy isn’t trying to impress anybody, just sing with feeling and enough melody to make you remember the songs a year later. The rhythm work laid down by Nelson Brito (bass) and Paulo Zinner (drums) is as solid as a chunk of granite and heavy as a bitch throughout. (Zinner gets to strut his percussive stuff in a lengthy drum solo in “Zinner’s Ritual” and although I’m no big fan of ANYBODY’s drum solos, this one is not a waste of space.) It’s pointless to list particular cuts as being better than others because this band has been so consistent in the writing department through all their LP’s. It is worth noting, however, that at the end of the CD, we find 2 new studio cuts from 1996 that are fantastic. This leaves me with hope that the band’s next studio LP, 2004’s “Pra Poder,” is simply the next in their run of superb material. And since I’ve just learned of the existence of that one, trust me, the check is in the mail and I should be obtaining a copy asap. In the meantime, I can tell you that if you’re the poor soul who has not yet heard the Brazilian treat called GOLPE DE ESTADO, this is a great place to start. Got Live If You Want It

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