Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 10 Discs Have Been Mailed Out!!!

The Raysrealm 2009 CD has been mailed out to all of those who sent in a Top 10 and included their mailing address. You will see it in your mailbox presently, and the track listing is in the order below (which basically represents a track from each of my Top 10 albums of the year). Enjoy and explore! Let's see what we come up with for 2010! It's already started out good and there's still nearly 10 full months to go!!! I'm hoping to get more and more people interested in reading Raysrealm, so keep contacting bands and letting other's know about the site. Any questions you have, any comments or suggestions, just keep 'em coming in. This site is as much your's as it is mine, so I'm all ears...well, my nose is kinda big too.....

1. ADMIRAL OF BLACK – “High Noon” from “The Hand Of Chaos”

2. ANVIL CHORUS – “Man Made Machines” from “The Killing Sun”

3. THE CHURCH – “Deadman’s Hand” from “Untitled # 23”

4. RIPPER – “Driller” from “The Dead Have Rizen”

5. OSIBISA – “Ayioko” from “Osee Yee”

6. CORY CASE – “Dressed In White” from “Waiting On A Remedy”

7. MORGLBL – “The Monster Within Me” from “Jazz For The Deaf”

8. THE MISHAPS – “Thorr Hammer” from “The Mishaps”

9. THE GRAVIATORS – “Keep ‘Em Coming” from “The Graviators”

10. COLOSSUS – “The Mountain That Rides” from “Drunk On Blood”

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