Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Important Announcement

I regret to announce that at this time, I'm going to have to take a step away from Raysrealm. I have some very serious, extenuating personal circumstances that have arisen that I need to devote my full time to. With that in mind, I realize that I cannot guarantee that I can do regular updates, nor would I be able to insure that my writing be up the the standards I hold. At this time, I am expecting 2 more interviews in that the participants have already given their time for and in courtesy to them, I will post these interviews as soon as they arrive. In the meantime I thank everyone for supporting this site. I apologize to any bands who have sent material which will not be able to be reviewed at this time and will do my best to pass it along to other sites who could give it a timely review. I do hold hope to see you all back here again in the future when I am able to once again devote the time required to do Raysrealm the justice it deserves. Sincerely, Ray Dorsey.


The Ripple Effect said...

heyRay. Take care of things. We'll be here when you get back. Let me know if you need anything, brother.

J.B. said...

I hope everything will turn out ok, Ray. Call me if you need anything.


The Ripple Effect said...

Hang in there, brosepi! Hope everything works out well and you return to the fold real soon!


raysrealm said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the thoughts and concern.