Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lips In The Hills...That Suck

WHITE HILLS – “White Hills” CD ’10 (Thrill Jockey, US) – This new CD by WHITE HILLS (at least their 3rd, I believe) is put together in a really nice package. It’s one of those mini-LP sleeves, with the insert in one side and the CD in the other side, actually housed in a mini paper inner sleeve, just like an LP in the old days. The real shame of it all is that, for all this, the album sucks…and how. I did acid once in my life. One friggin’ time. On one hand, I didn’t see whirling cosmic spirals, become in touch with my inner “oneness” and hear Santana or Black Sabbath at 78 or any of those holy-grail-type trips everyone wanted at the time. On the other hand, I didn’t freak out and begin to eat my own hands or run naked into traffic either, nor did I experience years of nightmarish flashbacks. However, now having heard this self-titled release by WHITE HILLS, I think I may have my finger on the pulse of what a bad trip could be. This is basically an hour of distorted white noise that drifts in and out of coherence, albeit mostly out. It is bad music, played by even less-talented people and unfortunately a complete waste of time, hence the relatively short review. Beam Me Up, Scotty


Anonymous said...

Usually love your recommedations Ray but I've got to disagree w/ you on this. Maybe try it again w/ headphones and some cough syrup? Love your site!

raysrealm said...

Well, to each his own man, totally respect the opinion. Cough syrup, eh? Nothing stronger than that? lol